In the early 15th century during the Moghul rule area, today known as Madhya Pradesh near Burhanpur city, was a place known as LAT PRADESH. Vaishnava community worshipers of KRISHNA were known as LAT. They were successful business leaders and in much control of the economy. Due to the rising power, the community leaders fell in disfavor of the ruler, SUBA, who forcefully evicted them from his province. As many hindus were being expelled from Pakistan, Idi Amin, the dictator of Uganda, started evicting the Indian community from Uganda.

Most of the evicted families migrated near the river NARMADA, also known as REWA, and settled in Gujarat near the present day city of Petlad. From this point, many families parted their ways in hopes of greater opportunities. Many settled in Dabhoy, Surat Khambhat. It was here that they starting calling themselves as LAD instead of LAT, as they were known under the old ruler.

In early 19th century many families migrated to MUMBAI which has been the business capital under British rule and slowly rose to fame. Many lad families united together to form a union called SAMASTA LAD. They succesfully established themselves in several different industries and conducted several community activites to support lad families come together. One of the greatest achievements of that time by the LADs was the building of a library that provided books to all students in various fields of study, wherever they pursued higher education.




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