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Message from LVS President

Vevan No.1 March 10 Plainfield High School
Women's Empowerment Day May 20 Royal Alberts Palace
Lad Picnic July 15

Merrill Park, Iselin

Senior Shibir Sept 14-16 Vraj Temple
Lad Diwali Gala
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Nov 17 Royal Alberts Palace


  • Strive to pass family values on to our next generation through cultural programs and information sessions for the youth.

  • Undertake senior care related activities like Manav Medi Help for uninsured or underinsured and provide health clinics for our seniors.

  • Encourage education by granting Achievement Based Scholarships for college bound students, Need Based Scholarship for undergraduate and graduate students, and Special Education Awards in all areas of academic, professional, vocational, Art/Literature.

  • Collaborate with other Social organizations to create cultural awareness, community togetherness, and social exposure for all
    our members and youth.

  • Provide support for humanitarian causes and relief to those in times of crisis (i.e. Tsunami, Hurricane Katrina, Orrisa Flood Relief, Haiti Earthquake, etc.).


Message from the President of Lad Vanik Samaj of North America,

Welcome to Lad Samaj, an organization built on an incredible foundation by the prior Presidents and Trustees. Lad Samaj has become a vibrant organization through the hard efforts put forward by this highly capable and trusted group of professionals that have entrusted me with the honor of leading the charge for 2017 and 2018. I hope to serve the organization with the help of many people that make the organization what it is today. Foremost on this list are all of you, the members who make the organization what it is today, a valued community of people always united in strong cultural beliefs. I hope to bring some new ideas to Lad Samaj through creation of LadNEXT, For the NEXT Generation, Through the NEXT Decade, To the NEXT Level. This is our charter, to transform our organization as a group in to a high value non-profit supporting charitable causes, our next generation, and our youth, while sustaining the rich culture engrained in the community.

I would like to thank three critical groups of individuals that have joined in the quest to take Lad Samaj to new heights. First the Trustees who have helped build the foundation upon which I stand and serve. Second the sponsors who provide the financial support and resources to execute on our vision year over year. And third the executive committee, whom I call the Lad Program Team Leads and eTeam Volunteers, without whom not a single event would occur. I hope each of you will offer to volunteer to help in one, two or more of the events. I would like to solicit your help in participating in our events and offering ideas.

So join us in this exciting time for the Samaj and help us create new value through LadNEXT.

Jai Shree Krishna,
Ragini Chokshi
Email: ladsamajnext@gmail.com


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